Just Who Does She Think She Is? The Book

In this book I will take you on a journey into the strategies that I have used to negotiate some extremely emotionally and physically challenging situations.

It is not about avoiding the painful situations in life, because there are no strategies for that! But instead, it is about growing through those challenging times and smiling and finding joy, despite the challenges. And you do want to know how to do that don’t you?

Through the power of story telling I look forward to taking your hand and invite you to see yourself and get to know yourself and the strengths you have that are revealed through the challenges we face and walk though.

It is real, raw and honest. There are happy times and fun times but I don’t avoid the tough times and the ugly times… but always no matter the times you will feel the hope!

This book will not only inspire the readers to live their best life, own their space in the world and make their dreams come true, but it will also be a comforting place to go and give hope to anybody who has had to, or is dealing with grief, caring for a loved one or parenting a child with a disability.

Feedback from teenagers suggest that they will also be nurtured through my passionate and powerful reflections on self esteem and that affect that has on all that we do and how we move through the world.

“Everybody should hear Julie speak or read her book at least once. Drawing on a colourful range of personal experiences Julie takes us on a journey with humour and authenticity, and offers a different lense through which to view and respond to the things that happen to and around us, and in the middle of all the drama we all need a gentle reminder to keep our sparkle alive”   Kirsty Langford

These are the key focus areas in the book…

My Sparkle is Alive…

Here is where I explore the relationship we all have with ourselves and how that affects all that we do. The relationship we have with ourselves will affect every other relationship you have in your life. The conversations you have with yourself will affect every other conversation you have in your life. Isn’t it time we got this right? When our sparkle is bright, your self-esteem is strong, we are courageous and fearless… just what we need to be to negotiate a big life!

My Energy is High…

Your ‘mood’ is your mood and I think we forgot that! In a world wherever is tired and talking themselves into ‘suffering’ and into ‘sickness’ it is time we took responsibility for the thoughts running around in our heads and started lifting our energy, empowering ourselves. Things will happen to us and life will hurt a little, but it is your ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ response to these challenges that will determine how ‘well’ we move through them.

I Give and I Receive…

What flows from you flows to you! Whatever it is you want more of them give more of it. And if you don’t like what you are getting then perhaps we need to change what we are giving. In this chapter I explore real life stories and situations that showcase the power of giving and how we open the floodgates to receiving. If you have ever wondered why you seem to be missing out on the rewards that others receive, you need to read this.

The Universe Will Provide…

Fear shows up when we have lost faith and trust. Faith that it somehow will all work out and trust that the universe is conspiring in our favour. Why go through life looking for reason to be offended and for reasons why things won’t or don’t work when you can ‘flow’ through life seeing the gifts in the challenges and the miracles in everyday moments. Let us reconnect with our childlike fascination to the wonderful world around us and dare to find joy in everyday moments.

Some Action is Required…

This is your life, now would you like to take some responsibility with that!? This is often where it all falls apart. I don’t want you just to read this book… I want you to feel it, reflect on it and act on it! If only we all just do what we said we were going to do! I will challenge you at the end of each chapter to action what you have learnt with activities and exercises. But I can’t be in you room at home to make sure you do them. That is your job. And my focus is that with this book I have inspired enough ‘emotion’ that will create the ‘motion’, and action for you to do it, because you know you are worth it!

And I also know you are worth this book! But it is not just about me knowing it, you have to know it too!

“Inspiring isn’t the only word I would use to describe Julie Cross. She was a whirlwind coming on the stage and she mesmerised me with her words. I felt like I was the only person in the room. Julie had me laughing until I cried and then laughing again as she shared her stories. Julie is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met and I now strive every day to have an impact on all the people I meet” Paula Burgess

“The wave of inspired motivation and positive impact you’ve left behind or had is incredible. You are a ‘healer’ when you’re on stage… I feel your energy field connect to each of their hearts, fill their hearts with healing and loving energy.  I think that’s why sometimes people know something wonderful has just happened at your show but can’t put into words.” Kathy Peterson

“Hi Julie, Thank you so much for an inspirational presentation. Your words of wisdom were just what our team needed to hear. Your humour and honest messages have made all of us question or reaffirm our commitment to making our lives and our work more meaningful and fulfilling. With our lives and professions so demanding, you have made us stop a while and realise the importance of looking after ourselves and putting into perspective the big and little things that surround and permeate us both personally and professionally.” Kym McAndrew 


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