Julie Cross - Inspirational Entertainment

Julie Cross is an award winning inspirational and motivational speaker based in Brisbane and is available for Keynote Speaking, Seminars, Workshops and Coaching. Topics include Inspiration, Motivation, Attitude, Customer Service, Retail and Resilience.

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Hello and Welcome

Julie understands that there is much more to connecting and inspiring an audience than speaking at them and repeating and reciting tired clich├ęs and quotes. For inspiration and motivation to have life beyond the conference, some genuine connection is required!

If you need a Speaker that can engage, entertain, inspire, energise and inform an audience with a real and authentic message then this is the outcome you can expect when you have Julie present at your conference.

She has mastered the craft of delivering her message in a manner that not only provides the desired impact at delivery buts also calls delegates to take action on the message therefore offering each delegate a great return on investment.